Usage Statistics

We offer usage statistics for all subscribing institutions of the digital library. Usage statistics are available on our usage website If you already are a contact for your institution, you may not need to create a login account. Otherwise, please send an email to with the name of your institution, your name, your preferred email, and your role at the institution. We will set up a login for you which will provide you access to the usage page.

Currently the information provided on the usage website is a summary of usage over a given period of time. Although the information is provided in visual format (mostly pie charts), you can view the raw data and copy it into a spreadsheet for your own use. 

Site-wide summary

There is also a summary of all traffic, not just traffic for a specific institution, on this website's usage page. This provides an overview of traffic to the website as well as the most active countries and institutions and the most popular journals and articles/papers.