LearnTechLib uses ElasticSearch, an open-source search engine based on Lucene.

Simple Searches

You can make searches similar to those on any other search engine:


  • John Smith
  • e-learning dinosaurs
  • classroom AND virtual environments
  • "second life"

In addition to using "AND" or "NOT", you can use the plus sign (+) or minus sign (-) in place of AND or NOT:

  • +knowledge +management is the same as knowledge AND management
  • "social networks" -twitter is the same as social networks NOT twitter


You can limit the scope of a search by using the following fields: title, author, before, after.

For example, to search for articles written by John Smith, you could search for author:"John Smith" or author:John author:Smith.

To search for papers with "English" in the title you could search for title:English; for articles written by someone with the last name English you'd use author:English.

To filter by date, enter the date in yyyy-mm-dd format, as in before:2013-09-17 or after:2010-03-17.