Terms of Document Usage

LearnTechLib users are requested to adhere to the following permissions and copyright policies.

You may make digital or hard copies of the individual articles that you are entitled to access for personal or classroom use, as long as the copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial use and they bear the AACE copyright notice (see below). And you may assemble and distribute links that point to works in LearnTechLib

Please do not republish AACE works, or post them on other servers, or redistribute them to lists, without first obtaining explicit permission from AACE. To request these permissions, contact info@aace.org.

AACE Copyright Notice:
The AACE copyright notice must be displayed on the first page or initial screen of a display of all works copyrighted by AACE, whether those works are published in print or in a digital medium. (Copyrights for components of works owned by others than AACE must be honored.)

A person granted permission to copy an AACE work should display the following with the copy:

  1. The copyright notice:
    "Copyright © 200x by the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). [http://www.aace.org] Included here by permission"
  2. A link or citation to AACE's definitive version. The link or citation will enable a reader to access the context in which the copied material originally appeared. Full copies of the work should also include the full copyright notice, which will normally be a part of the work anyway.