LearnTechLib Privacy Policy

LearnTechLib will never sell, rent, or exchange email or mailing addresses of its members, customers, and website users.

The LearnTechLib is committed to protecting the privacy of its members, customers, and website users. LearnTechLib recognizes the interest of its members, customers, and website users in the confidentiality of their personal information. LearnTechLib only maintains personal information that is relevant to LearnTechLib activities and seeks to maintain accurate, complete, and timely information.

The security of personal information is important to LearnTechLib. LearnTechLibmaintains all personal data with technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to protect against loss, unauthorized access, destruction, misuse, modification, and improper disclosure. No computer system or information can ever be fully protected against every possible hazard. EdITLib provides reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect personal information against foreseeable hazards.

Your information

You can create a login and profile on this website. This profile may be publicly available by default. You can choose to make it private; please send an e-mail to info@learntechlib.org to do so.

Any extra content you create on this website (such as comments on papers, collections, or tags) is tied to your online profile. If at any point you want your information removed, please contact info@learntechlib.org. Note that certain functions (such as creating collections or commenting on papers) are not possible without an online profile.


LearnTechLib.org uses cookies to maintain sessions and track users. These cookies are not used for other purposes except to identify users and maintain information between pages.

LearnTechLib uses some third party services, which include traffic analysis and, for some pages, advertising (Advertising is disabled if you log in, or if you access the site through a participating educational institution). These third party services may use cookies to track users or maintain functionality.

Email Policy

LearnTechLib will never sell, rent, or exchange email or mailing addresses of its members, customers, and website users.

LearnTechLib uses email addresses to send the following:

  1. "Must Have" messages that help to service LearnTechLib customers and website users including answers to questions; acknowledgments of the receipt of subscription applications, renewal notices, and other orders.
  2. Occasional "Customer, & Website User Update" announcements about LearnTechLib services that we believe to be of some importance these groups. These announcements are usually brief, straightforward messages that contain pointers to online resources where readers can explore the information more fully.
  3. Email messaging that is part of a program for which the user has registered (e.g. a Table of Contents Alert email).

All mailing lists have an unsubscribe option. If you encounter difficulties unsubscribing please send an e-mail to info@learntechlib.org.